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Considering the vast number of projects that are being executed and diversity of the disciplines that are involved in each project, and considering the geographical dispersion of the suppliers, the need to make sure that all the goods are indeed in conformity with the specifications required during the manufacturing and before releasing from customs are among the tasks of RCA.

Additionally, along with long-lasting experience and association with manufacturers and their critical assessment, analysis and evaluation, concerning their positive and negative performances, we strongly believe that our services have to be beneficial for sellers and manufacturers as final check of prepared goods as well as for the purchasers and consumers in order to assure them about the quality of the product that they are purchasing and its conformity with the local and international standards.

Staff & Senior Managers:

RCA is proud to represent a combined experience of many years and disciplines of its highly qualified and specialized staff, whose are educated in top universities around the world and participated and gained the inspection experience in diverse fields of industry and well known manufacturers and companies.

RCA is directed by 10 senior managers with more than 10 years scientific & practical background in inspection activities, quality management, technology transfer, industrial research and standardization.

Inspectors Network:

Due to the fact that the inspectors’ network is one of the most influential tools for quality, efficiency and client's satisfaction associated to performance of inspection services, RCA has gathered a team of highly specialized local inspectors for various fields such as Metallurgy, Mining, Chemistry, Mechanics, Electric, Electronics, Oil, Gas, Petro chemistry, Refineries, Material Science, Paper Industries, Computer, Environment, Pharmacy, Railways, Wagons, Road & Construction, Agronomy, Marine Technology, etc., with an experience of minimum 10 years in their own special field. This network team includes inspectors and puts us always in a position to carry out the required inspections in time just as scheduled in strategically important regions.


A further significant device which absolutely puts us in a position to manage and fulfill our tasks with the highest quality level, and also meets the clients' exceptions from the first contact, through opening a comprehensive file and finally the issuance and submission of the relative certificates, is the concept of RCA computer program. Such activities inspection and its activities supporting can be accurately controlled only by professionally-designed fully-automatic and self-monitoring software for correspondence, marketing.

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